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Since its establishment in the early 70's, the primary focus of Miko Marine AS has been the development of products and services designed to protect both property of the marine industry and the marine environment. 

With a client base ranging from commercial shipping companies, oil companies, navies, diving companies and underwater operators to tug and salvage companies, insurance companies, and oil pollution authorities, the company provides facilities for the following:        

  1. In water repair as an alternative to dry docking
  2. Marine salvage and wreck removal
  3. Oil spill prevention
  4. The provision of tools for diving and underwater operations.

Products & Services

Miko Plaster
A heavy duty magnetic patch used to prevent a ship from sinking by stopping a leakage of sea water into a floating vessel or to stop a leak of oil from the vessel into the sea.  The Miko Plaster is resistant to long-term exposure to sea water, oil, and most chemicals.
  Miko Plaster

Tanker Kit
The Tanker Kit contains the equipment necessary for a fast, reliable and cost saving alternative to a docking operation. It also includes tools for use in the event of emergencies, such as oil spills, grounding and cracks.

Miko Salvage Kit
The Miko Salvage Kit provides tools for the repair of damage to the ship's surface, its use extending to cracks and ruptures with sharp edges, un-even surfaces, protrusions and indents.

Miko Connector - MICON
The MiCon consists of a chain dropped from a helicopter and secured around the windlass or other sufficiently strong point aboard. The towing line, complete with chain forerunner and superfibre hawser, is then secured to a floating buoy and Sea Anchor.
  Miko Connector
Miko Sea Anchor   Miko Sea Anchor
The Sea Anchor may be used as a stand alone product, in combination with Emergency Towing Systems for tankers, or with the MiCon.

Steel Climber
The Steel-Climber is a magnetic crawler designed for moving on ship hulls, inside tanks above or below the waterline.  The air driven unit is used for a variety of applications, including:

  1. Installation of the Miko Plaster
  2. High pressure water cleaning
  3. Thickness measurement
  4. Sand blasting
  5. Installation and removal of equipment
  6. Inspection work
  Steel Climber
HD 200 Marine Tool   HD 200 Marine Tool
The HD200 heavy duty underwater marine tool is engineered for easy use by divers in depths of up to 150 metres. It utilizes expandable pre-loaded, waterproof barrels to drive fasteners or threaded studs into steel or concrete of high compressive strength. Barrels are loaded at the surface enabling divers to carry sufficient charges to complete the job without the need to return to the surface.

Foundation water Bag
The Foundation Water Bag is a system of frames designed to lift pipeline off the seabed, enabling underwater pipe repair. 

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